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Funcom's beefing up the development team for its unannounced Dune survival game

What do you call the mouse shadow in the second moon?

Funcom is expanding its development team to work on the studio's unnamed Dune title.

The firm is looking for folks in live operations, art, design, engineering, production, marketing, and many more. If you have what it takes, here's the list of job openings with links to apply.

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The studio announced back in 2019 that it was developing an open-world multiplayer game based on the Dune universe, and it was just one of three in the works for PC and consoles.

Previous Dunes games were mainly real-time strategy titles, such as the rather excellent Dune 2. The last game based on the series to be released was Frank Herbert's Dune, a 2001 adventure game for PC and PS2.

Dune Generations, a real-time strategy game set for release in 2001, was canceled.

Funcom's debut Dune title will be the seventh title based on Herbert's works to be released, as a sixth is currently in the works with Shiro Games, the studio that brought you Northgard.

Titled Dune: Spice Wars, the 4X real-time strategy game is to be published by Funcom and is currently in Early Access on Steam. You can have a look at what to expect from it in the video above.

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