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Fortnite is finally getting skill-based matchmaking and bots

Fortnite is getting skill-based matchmaking and bots for practise in its upcoming 10.40 update.

Fornite's matchmaking system hasn't changed much since it was released two years ago, Epic writes in a post detailing the future update. But with the new patch incoming, the studio is looking to improve its old matchmaking logic.

V10.40 aims to create fairer matches.

"You will be more likely to match with players of similar skill, and as you get better, so should your opponents," writes Epic. "We will slowly roll this out to all regions across Battle Royale core modes as we test and monitor how it performs. We’re excited to get this out for everyone to play with and will continue to update the system."

The battle royale game is also getting practise bots, but these will only be accessible after Fortnite Season 11 hits. Epic hasn't offered a concrete date for that, but it is looking like it'll probably be happening around October 6.

During this coming season, bots will be added at lower tiers of the skill ranking and will apparently behave "similarly to normal players." Then as you rise in the ranks you'll begin to see fewer bots. Bots will not be present in competitive games, says Epic, adding: "This is another system that we will continue to update and iterate."

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