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Fortnite: Hit an easy and hard firing range target

For this Fortnite challenge, you're off to the firing range to practice your aim and earn some Battle Stars.

There are two firing range locations you need to find to complete both the normal and Prestige version of this challenge. It would be wise to look for an assault rifle or sniper before heading to the Prestige location, as you'll need a weapon with a bit of range.

You could also complete this as part of a squad, so one of you can shoot at the targets and the others can take out any lurking opponents.

Hit an easy firing range target

The easy firing range can be found on a hill just north of Lucky Landing. Stand on the plate and face the direction the toes are pointing in. Two red and white targets will pop up, so shoot them both before they fall flat again.

Hit a hard firing range target

Once you've done that, you can move on to the Prestige challenge. This next firing range is found on a hill to the north of Snobby Shores. Again, stand on the plate and look for the two targets, which are much further away.

Once you've shot both targets down, the challenge is complete and you'll get your Battle Stars.

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