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Fortnite: Chapter 2 seems to have leaked on the Italian App Store

Fornite's The End event this weekend could signal the coming of Chapter 2, according to a leak on the Italian App Store.

A livestream signaling the end of the season is set to kick off this weekend in Fortnite. According to a leak, the game's upcomimg content will be referred to as Chapter 2.

It could be called Chapter 2 due to a rumor stating the game will finally leave early access status.

Looking over the leak posted by Fortnite Insider, it seems to confirm previous rumors of a new map and the addition of boats. A new storyline is also rumored to be coming with the new content.

Obviously, until things are officially announced, keep all of this tucked away as unconfirmed information.  We'll find out for sure this weekend.

Fortnite Season 10's The End event takes place on Sunday, October 13 at the following times: 7 pm BST, 2 pm ET, 11 am PT.

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