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Fortnite: End of season Night Night event could spell the end of its early access period

A file has been found after the latest update that hints that we're nearing the end of Fortnite's early access period.

Fortnite might be about to change forever next season, as dataminers, like FortTory, have found files that reference an in-game event called Night Night.

In these files, it says "Phase one access expired" and "Phase one beta expired" which suggest we're about to enter a new era of Fortnite.

This could signal that a new beta period is incoming or it could mean the introduction of a new subscription - it's anyone's guess at this point.

The next season of Fortnite will have Bots that will feature in low-level matches to try and encourage new players to play more and gain more experience. They won't feature in Competitive Playlists, however.

The v10.40 update also brought with it a wide range of new controls and aim assist features, which points to some bigger changes in the not too distant future.

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