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Forspoken's demo has players worried, but Square Enix promises the final game is better

Don't worry too much about those side quests in the demo.

The Forspoken demo has received a pretty mixed response, but a recent interview with the creative director has made it clear the final game will be different.

It would be fair to say that in general, people have been cautious of Forspoken, in part due to one pretty bad ad (that Square Enix itself admits the memes made about it were funny). The recently released demo has given fans an opportunity to try the game out for themselves. But over on the game's subreddit the response has been pretty mixed, in part because of the side quests available in the demo. In a recent interview with Gematsu, however, the game's creative director Raido Mitsuno has explained that the sidequests in the demo aren't present in the final game (thanks, GamesRadar).

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Talking about the demo the interviewer played at the Tokyo Game Show earlier this year, the same demo players have access to now, Mtsuno said "that was a specially crafted gameplay demo just to give a feel for the mechanics of parkour and magic. So that was specifically kind of fetch quest-like in terms of the makeup, like, do these five objectives and then you get to fight a boss. So the full game isn’t actually designed like that, that was just specifically created for that demo experience."

Obviously with the demo available to try out now it's up to you what you think of the game, but for those who are concerned about what's there currently, it's at least good to know it doesn't reflect the final game. VG247 recently had the opportunity to talk to some of the devs on Forspoken too, where they explained why releasing the game on PS4 just wouldn't be possible.

They also spoke about two particular PlayStation exclusives to help them learn what open-world mistakes they should avoid while working on Forspoken.

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