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Forspoken is amazing on PS5, and you can see it for yourself right now

The PS5 Forspoken demo is now live, and this really is the sort of game you need to try for yourself to believe.

If you're a regular on this site, you will know how I feel about Forspoken; I've been quite vocal on it to date. When I got to play the game in 2021, I noted that it’s an exceptional advert for the PS5. We said it's probably one of the most misunderstood games yet to launch in our Alternative Game Awards of 2022.

Yes, it's the game that’s been perpetually delayed and that has been laughed at for its dumb trailers, but in action, it's fun, it's pretty, and it's worth a go.

And you can have a go yourself, right now: as I'm writing this, a demo for Square Enix’s upcoming action RPG has just hit the PlayStation Network. You can download it on PS5 exclusively right now.

And if you want a look at what you can expect, take a look at a trailer for the game below.

You may have judged the game based on some scrappy marketing, but there’s a spark here: some soul embedded deep down in whatever this game is.

I think it’s clear that there are elements of this game that have been through the wash in the process of the game’s long development, but the result is something likely to attract a small, loyal following – a game that could very well become one of the first cult hits of the PS5 era, if Square Enix sticks the landing. And you have no better chance at seeing that for yourself than downloading the demo and giving it a shot and seeing what it's like.

Forspoken launches for PC and PS5 on January 24, 2023.

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