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Fornite's Apex Legends-style respawn vans are rolling out next week in update v8.30

The latest Fortnite battle royale dev update video confirms that the new Reboot Vans will go live next week, and the devs have detailed how they'll work.

Epic Games latest dev update reveals that the respawn feature will go live in Fortnite next week when the Reboot Vans roll out in update v8.30.

Back in February, Epic said it was looking at adding a single-occupancy vehicle as well as a respawn mechanic in the same vein as Apex Legends' respawn beacons.

Last month, as Season 8 kicked off, vans were discovered on the map, with a bit of datamining revealing that they were referred to as Second Chance Vans.

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Both the Reboot Van and Reboot Cards will be introduced in the update. Players can pick up their downed-squadmates' Reboot Cards and activate it at the vans to get them back into the game.

Once activated, a "beacon and audio cue will be set off", making nearby players aware that there's a reboot in progress, as well as how many players are arriving. Squadmates will spawn in one-by-one on top of the van.

The van will be have an as-yet unspecified cooldown period.

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