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Final Fantasy 15 Windows Edition revealed by Nvidia and Square Enix for "early 2018" release

Nvidia and Square Enix have revealed Final Fantasy 15 for PC.

The big reveal happened at Nvidia's press event today during Gamescom in Germany, with the PC version of the hit console game expected for Windows 10, Steam and Origin.

The port boasts "4K high res textures, Dolby Atmos, realistic turf, advanced hair simulation, combustible fluid, fire and smoke simulation, advanced shadow alogrithmns, high quality ambient occlusion, Ansel screenshots," and more.

Final Fantasy 15 Windows Edition will be released in "early 2018" and will include all DLC released for the game so far. Watch the stunning reveal video below:

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It's been a bit of an open secret that Final Fantasy 15 was coming to the PC, with Hajime Tabata showing up at GDC this year with his buddies at Nvidia to show off a "tech test" of the game.

Publisher Square Enix followed that up days later by showing footage of Final Fantasy 15 capture running on the Geforce GTX 1080 Ti.

Crucially, Tabata said today that "this is not a tech test".

Tabata has always said he had a "more technically developed" version of Final Fantasy 15 in mind for the PC port.

Final Fantasy 15 came out for PS4 and Xbox One last year to rave reviews, after ten years of rocky development.

"The life-saving operation on Final Fantasy 15 was a stunning success, but the plastic surgery to hide the scars wasn’t quite so successful," said our own Alex Donaldson in his day-one review.


Despite the apologetic review scores, Square Enix has pushed out numerous patches and updates, extra episodic content, and free content for the game to improve the initial release.

The focus on post-release content has kept interest in the role-playing game alive, making it one of this generation's most talked about games - indeed, we're still talking about the power of Final Fantasy 15's pivotal moments.

More to follow...

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