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Final Fantasy 15 February update adds PS4 Pro 60fps support, Episodes Gladiolus and Prompto teased

This month's Final Fantasy 15 update will add full HD support for PlayStation 4 Pro with 60fps maximum. A short look at upcoming DLC Episode Gladio and Episode Prompto has also been teased by Square Enix.

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A teaser for upcoming content drops starring Gladiolus and Prompto were shown. Click the video above to watch. Alternatively, you can watch a video of said content pulled from the stream by DualShockers here.

According to the latest Active Time Report, per Gematsu, the level cap in Final Fantasy 15 will also be raised to 120. Current players at level 99 should know they won't be earning any additional experience until the update launched. This means you can't try to rack any up and then level when the update hits.

Limited time hunting quests will be added this round, with future quests in this vein tackling other activities such as fishing.

Also included in the February 21 update is the ability to use the music player when riding a Chocobo, and the photo capacity will increase by 50.

Along with the aforementioned, a Booster Pack+ will also be released and includes: the Boost Sword weapon, the Dragon Mod fishing rod, and a reel for it called Aviol.

As previously reported, the update was also to include superhero-themed exosuit costumes; however, these will be delayed due to SCG Power Rangers LLC stating the outfits were too similar to those worn by the Power Rangers.

Tabata and his team will revise the exosuits and include them in a future update.

The team is also working on allowing players to drive the Regalia outside of designated roads. You can have a look at this in action in the video above around 50:33 mark.

Finally, a tidbit of information was made available on the upcoming episodes featuring Gladiolus and Prompto.

Episode Gladiolus as previously reported will arrive on March 28. According to the Active Time Report, side-character Cor Leonis will join him. Episode Prompto is slated for June with no additional information provided.

We do know each additional episode features previously unseen areas with new monsters, and new weapons which can be used in the main game. Gladiolus' episode will be action oriented (he fights Gilgamesh), while Prompto's will be more "shooter" oriented, per DLC Producer Haruyoshi Sawatari.

Episode Ingis is also in the works, and according to Sawatari, his will be more tactical-based DLC.

Final Fantasy 15 is available on PS4 and Xbox One. Tabata is also interested in bringing it to PC.

Those who have yet to try the game's Platinum Demo on either platform should do so before March 30, as it will be pulled from both stores on March 31.

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