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Final Fantasy 14 Starter Edition is currently free to download on PS4

Final Fantasy 14 Starter Edition is free on PS4 for the next couple days.

Square Enix made the announcement over on Twitter this weekend, confirming the MMO is currently free-to-keep and is available from the PlayStation Store until May 26.

That gives you until Tuesday; however, even if you miss out Final Fantasy 14 includes a 30-day free trial period so you'll be sorted for the month.

The Final Fantasy 14 Starter Edition typically goes for $19.99, and includes the entire story quest-line of A Realm Reborn along with a few dozen hours worth of side quests, dungeons, and raids.

Keep in mind, the starter edition does not include Final Fantasy 14's expansions - Heavensward, Stormlood, and Shadowbringers. Once you hit the Starter Edition's level cap, which is currently level 50, you'll have to fork out additional dough for the additional content which introduces more in-game jobs, races, new areas, and a higher level cap.

The game's dev team recently announced its plans to polish up A Realm Reborn, the introductory game which players must complete before moving on to the expansions. According to the team, 13 percent of all quests in the seven-year-old game have been removed, as has much of the extended NPC dialogue. Additionally, A Realm Reborn’s patch quests, which introduce storylines that range from world-shattering to completely tedious, have been cut in some areas. Players can also now fly across its zones, which makes navigating the map less frustrating.

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