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Nothing can protect you from Far Cry Primal's badgers

Far Cry Primal makes a lot of changes to the series formula but there's one thing we can always rely on.


Badgers will f**k you up in In Far Cry Primal - no matter what you do.

According to a recent post on the UbiBlog, you can protect yourself from predators by taming animals. Once you have a wolf, for example, you don't need to worry about about dholes.

“When you start, you don’t have anything, so every predator is a danger,” creative director Jean-Cristophe Guyot said

“Then you have the wolf, and he starts to repel the smaller predators. As you climb the food chain, it gets easier to travel the world.”

Except badgers, obviously. Badgers will attack and kill predators several times their own size.

"The badger is a real pest, actually," Guyot said.

We wouldn't have it any other way, although ask me about that after I die for the umpteenth time.

The full dev blog is super interesting, with discussion of how Ubisoft chose its setting and time period, how it relates to true prehistory, NPC behaviour and the multiple fictional languages Ubisoft developed with linguistic experts.

But badgers, man! Badgers.

Far Cry Primal hits PS4 and Xbox One in February, with a PC version to follow in March.

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