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Yes, Mr House will be in Fallout's second season, but don't worry, there's a good chance your New Vegas headcanon will still remain intact

No, they probably won't add a post-apocalyptic version of the Vegas sphere to the canon just so he can rock up on it.

Mr House in Fallout New Vegas alongside Lucy in the Fallout TV show.
Image credit: Bethesda/Prime Video

Warning: Spoilers for the first season of the Fallout TV Show lie ahead.

The showrunners behind Amazon's Fallout TV show have now confirmed that Fallout New Vegas's resident man in a box, Mr House, will indeed by showing up in season two in some capacity. Given that we already knew it's going to be set in New Vegas and House made a cameo in the first season, it's probably something we could have assumed, but hey, they've said the thing and removed all doubt.

This nugget comes from an interview showrunners Graham Wagner and Geneva Robertson-Dworet recently gave to Variety, with the pair teasing that House "will be involved" in season two. In what form? Well, that's the question.

While Wagner did say that "many" of the show's lead characters "are Vegas-bound", and added: "Las Vegas in the world of Fallout is Robert House’s town", that's all the details we got. Naturally, some chatter about what House's appearance could mean in terms of New Vegas ending canon has popped.

Before we get too deep into speculation territory, though, it's worth noting that both Bethesda and the showrunners have been pretty steadfast in insisting that stuff which happens in the show doesn't have any effect on the canon of Obsidian's Fallout entry before, so it'd be weird to see them openly change that stance with regards to House.

This is likely why most fans on the Fallout subreddit seem to have had their minds go to the same place as mine following the reveal - we're probably getting more pre-war flashbacks showing how exactly the world ended up in this mess in the first place.

Given that a big part of House's lore is about the measures he took to make pre-war Vegas, or at least The Strip, into something he'd be able to ressurect after the bombs dropped, it'd certainly be interesting to watch him put all of his plans - from hiding that bunker full of securitons under Fortfication Hill, to shooting down warheads as the bombs fell, and even ordering a certain platinum chip - in place.

Then again, odds are his influence on the post-war Mojave that the series' main characters are headed to will have to acknowledged in some way, so who knows wehat that might entail. Maybe we'll just get a single shot inside the Lucky 38, and have to work out whether he's still kicking, or if Yes Man just hasn't managed to change the setup's screensaver.

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