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UPDATE: After months of radio silence, DLC-sized New Vegas mod Fallout Nuevo Mexico is officially confirmed to be "on hold"

The mod's project lead has "decided to step back from active participation in the community."

A ghoul in Fallout New Vegas mod Fallout Nuevo Mexico.
Image credit: Fallout Nuevo Mexico

UPDATE (20/06/24, 8:40 AM BST): J.K-Serling has provided the following response to VG247: "In light of the questions raised, I wanted to clarify a few points. I am a close family relative of Zapshock, and along with Bishop (project coordinator) and Mr. Convict (lead outfit designer), we are fully informed about the reasons for the project's hiatus."

"It's a personal and challenging situation that none of us wish upon anyone. Zapshock is currently surrounded by amazing friends and family who are providing strong support. While we can't provide specific details, we appreciate the community's understanding and patience. Zapshock is in good hands, and we are all here to support him as he navigates through this period."

The development of DLC-sized Fallout New Vegas mod Fallout Nuevo Mexico has been officially confirmed to be "on hold", about two months after the mod 'went dark', with its YouTube channel, Twitter account and Discord server either having some content removed or ceasing to see regular updates.

If you're out of the loop, Nuevo Mexico is a mod that was originally announced back in 2021, with the goal of taking New Vegas players on a fresh adventure set in and around the state of New Mexico just five years after the events of Interplay’s original Fallout game. Prior to April, it'd had a couple of pretty interesting-looking trailers, and its creators were giving interviews about their plans for the mod as recently as March this year.

Following some questions being asked at the time the mod went dark and another bump in speculation as to its status earlier this week, Nuevo Mexico's head of public relations J.K-Serling has posted the following statement to the mod's Discord server.

"I wanted to share an update about [Nuevo Mexico project lead] Zapshock and the mod project 'Fallout: Nuevo México'," they wrote, "The project has been on hold for some time, and Zapshock has decided to step back from active participation in the community. For now, Zapshock won't be available on Discord or any social media platforms."

"If you need to get in touch regarding the mod or have any questions, please contact myself," J.K-Serling continued, "I will be taking over the responsibilities and will be your point of contact moving forward. Should Zapshock decide to return to modding, they will only stay in touch with close friends and developers ONLY. I will also post updates and respond to messages once they return.

"Thank you for your understanding and continued support for Fallout: Nuevo México."

The statement on Fallout Nuevo Mexico's Discord server confirming that it's on hold.
Image credit: VG247

This looks to be first time the hiatus has been acknowledged in an official capacity, with even some of the modders and voice actors working the project seemingly having been caught completely off guard by it initially going dark. "As someone who was a part of the team as a VA, no clue," one Reddit user wrote on April 19 in an r/Fallout thread which began with a post asking was going on with the mod, "Everything just sorta disappeared overnight."

One big Fallout mod that is currently being worked on is Fallout: London, the developers of which recently locked in a new internal release date following a delay due to Fallout 4's next-gen updates.

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