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Fallout Shelter is number one game on App Store with 70M play sessions a day

People really like Fallout Shelter.

As reported last week, the game quickly caught up with King’s Candy Crush on the App Store, landing in the number three spot in the US within two days of release. And it is only currently available on iOS whereas Candy Crush is available on multiple mobile operating systems.

Since release, the game has become a hit in 37 different countries, and is the top downloaded game in 48 countries. It was also the most downloaded app of any kind in 25 countries following its release.

A week since release, Fallout Shelter remains the number one most downloaded free game on the App Store with play sessions surpassing 70 million a day globally.

“We play games on our phones all the time, and have always wanted to make one,” said Bethesda's game director Todd Howard. “To have our first mobile game be enjoyed by so many is stunning. It just shows that gamers appreciate more depth and being treated fairly.

"It also shows people love Fallout as much as we do.”

Fallout Shelter is available for iPhone and iPad and the Android version is expected in a few months.

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