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Waiting for Fallout: London to drop? This new Fallout 4 mod will let you explore a whole new island in the meantime

Welcome to Boon Island, the perfect - if slightly spooky - getaway.

Boon Island in Fallout 4.
Image credit: Tenhats and Shreddah4 on Nexus Mods

If you're among the many Fallout fans still eagerly awaiting Fallout: London's arrival now that we know the team's locked in a new release date, a new Fallout 4 mod might just be the perfect thing to help pass the time. After all, who doesn't fancy a new island to explore?

While it's usually the bigger projects that grab the headlines, especially when we get big progress updates or learn that things have hit an unexpected snag, Fallout 4's modding community puts out slightly smaller scale stuff that's well worth checking out on the regular. Sometimes a huge addition isn't feasible, but a cool quest or well-made new location can be just as much fun.

Enter 'Boon Island', the first part of a new series of mods from Tenhats and Shreddah4 dubbed "Isles Of New England". As you might imagine given that title, the pair are adding a bunch of new islands - inspired by real life locations in a similar fashion to the base game's Far Harbor - to Fallout 4, with the first one being Maine's Boon Island.

The island, which is home to "an unassuming lighthouse with a tragic history in real life, from shipwrecks, to cannibalism, fires, madness, deadly illness, and harrowing storms", isn't that large, but looks very much like it's been brought to life with a degree of detail that'll make it well worth the trip by boat from The Commonwealth's Croup Manor.

Once you arrive, you'll find "a brief lore-friendly Quest with optional side objectives" to dig into, with environmental storytelling, as well as some voiced dialogue and a radio broadcast, being used to convey the island's backstory. The isle itself is made up of three locations and a settlement that'll allow you to build an island home in immersive fashion.

Arguably the biggest draw, however is the fact that Tenhats and Shreddah4 say the ocean floor surrounding Boon Island boasts "many small points of interest". Along with the assertion that the mod's designed to be "rewarding for players who take a little extra time to look around", this suggests to me that there's plenty of cool stuff to be uncovered if you're willing to get a bit wet.

It seems like this is only the start of the modders' plans for the series too, with them noting that "the next chapter will feature a bigger island with multiple quests and settlements".

If you're looking for more cool Fallout 4 mods, make sure to check out our recently revamped list of the best ones to grab if you're constructing a fresh load order in 2024. One of those lets you ride a Deathclaw, by the way.

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