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Exoprimal trailer has more dinosaurs pouring out of the sky, closed network test news

At the Capcom 2022 Summer showcase, we finally saw some dino-action.

A new gameplay trailer has been released via the Capcom Summer 2022 showcase for Exoprimal, giving us a much needed injection of futuristic gunplay and ravenous dinosaur action. In it, we get to see the game in action and some story tidbits.

The trailer concludes with a closed network test reveal, although we’ve got no clue as to when that is set to become available for premier dino hunters looking to get in early. That being said, the game will launch in full during 2023 on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC via Steam.

See the chaos for yourself via the trailer above!

Artificial intelligence, Leviathan, is the one responsible for the dino crisis that players have to deal with. They are performing research on Bikitoa Island, which revolves around throwing waves of Jurassic monsters at people - important scientific stuff!

As for some deep cut narrative clues, it appears the long term goal of the human characters featuring in Exoprimal are taking part in Leviathan’s tests in order to discover a method of stopping the technological terror.

The range of mission types briefly shown include Dinosaur Cull, VTOL Defence, Data Key Security, Omega Charge, and Energy Taker. Gameplay revolves around a full squad of different characters - each with their own technological abilities and weaponry - making use of individual strengths to cut through waves of enemies.

We also see something called a “carnage module” come online, which leads to a horde of raptors rushing the players in an Earth Defence Force-esque mass of bodies. Seems like fun stuff all in all!

Are you excited for Exoprimal? Let us know below what you think of this upcoming co-op dinosaur FPS!

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