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Evil West extended gameplay footage kicks ass

Evil West's latest gameplay trailer makes it hard to imagine the game being anything other than fun.

Evil West doesn't seem like it's getting the attention it deserves. The game didn't show up at any of the major Summer Game Fest events. Though we recently got our first look at gameplay, we were hoping for something more in one of the summer shows.

But now, Flying Wild Hog has thankfully delivered in a ten-minute gameplay look, with HUD and everything.

The video above is full of things to dissect and talk about. Evil West looks to have an interesting mix of melee combat and traditional shooting. Though it appears to be a shooter first, melee plays a key role in the flow of the action.

Lever action rifles are used for long-range combat, while fanning the hammer of a revolver is the choice for close-range encounters. There doesn't seem to be a lot of melee combos in the footage, but it looks like we'll be using the environment to maximise damage, such as by punching enemies into spikes.

Later on in the video, we get a look at more supernatural weapons. Evil West takes place in an alternate version of the wild west, so it can justify things like electric gauntlets and other advanced weaponry.

The structure of the game seems to be fairly arcadey, with limited arenas of combat and clear points of traversal. Nevertheless, the perks and combat upgrades menus - which do make an appearance in the footage - have us very excited about the potential it's going to have for combat.

Of course, a game like this wouldn't be complete without boss fight, and the video shows off one such encounter. Overall, this is quite the stacked trailer, and makes a good case for the game.

Evil West is out September 20 on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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