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Evil West gets a September release date and explosive new trailer

Battle the forces of darkness on September 20.

Evil West, the dark fantasy action game from Flying Wild Hog, was today given a release date alongside a new trailer showing all sorts of third-person action.

Announced in 2020 and coming to PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S, pre-orders are now open on Steam and on the Focus Entertainment Store.

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In the new trailer, you are introduced to gunslinger Jesse Rentier who is on a mission to eradicate a supernatural terror.

In the game, you control Jesse who is the final line between humanity and the vampire threat. Working as an agent in his father’s undercover monster-hunting organization, Jesse's also waging a personal war against leading figures in the vampire world.

To combat the threat, you will use an arsenal of weapons and guns that you can upgrade, and perks you can evolve. You can also go it alone or play with a a friend.

Check out the new trailer above and help Jesse save America on September 20.

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