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If you're having a tough time even starting Shadow of the Erdtree, some Elden Ring veterans are offering their services

Those two required bosses aren't exactly the easiest in the game.

Struggling to beat Radahn and Mohg, but desperate to play Shadow of the Erdtree? Some helpful Elden Ring players might be able to sort you out.

One of the best things about Elden Ring, outside of the game, is the community itself. It's led to legends like Let Me Solo Her helping hundreds of players take down Malenia, one of the toughest bosses in the game, for one. The ability to summon other players is easily one of the most helpful parts about Elden Ring, as the right player can really come in clutch in a difficult boss fight. And now, as spotted by TheGamer, players are coming together on the r/BeyondTheFog subreddit to help those who really want to play the DLC, but can't quite manage to beat the prerequisite boss fights.

There's plenty of players out there who haven't beaten Mogh, more than 60% of them on Steam in fact (thanks, GamesRadar), though most have fared a touch better against Radahn, where 54.5% of players have actually managed to beat the giant foe. So some players have taken to Reddit to offer help with the game's various foes, several other users asking for help with Mohg, Radahn, and the like. The subreddit is filled with other calls for help, as well as offers, so if you're someone that's currently stuck on either of the bosses required to play the DLC, that might be your best bet.

There are some alternatives, though. You could look to us for help with Radahn and Mohg respectively, as we've put together our best tips and tricks for the awful duo. Or, if you don't fancy the DLC right now, but you do fancy a spot of both Elden Ring and Bloodborne at the moment, then a recently released mod should satisfy your craving.

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