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Elden Ring Coastal Cave Guide: How to Beat the Demi-Human Chiefs and access the Cathedral of Dragon Communion

Here's how to tackle the cave that's tucked away on the coast of Limgrave.

The Coastal Cave of Elden Ring is tucked away along the beaches of Limgrave, and adventuring into it can take you on a pretty interesting journey.

It isn't the showiest of caves, and dealing with two Demi-Human Chiefs isn't as hard as you might think, especially if you're returning to Limgrave after having explored elsewhere on the map. The cave, however, does allow you to access the stretch of land west of Limgrave, where the Cathedral of Dragon Communion resides.

So, if you're headed in the direction of an Arcane build or want to try out some dragon magic, you'll need to pay a visit to the Coastal Cave. Without further ado, we've explained how to get around the cave, what loot you can collect, and how to beat the dungeon bosses.

Coastal Cave Items

  • Cave Moss
  • Land Octopus Ovary
  • Silver Firefly
  • Smoldering Butterfly
  • Root Resin
  • String
  • Sewing Needle
  • Tailoring Tools

How to go through Coastal Cave

You can easily get to the Coastal Cave from the Church of Elleh Site of Grace. From here, head west until you're on the beach, then go south to find the cave's entrance. There is also a Nomadic Merchant just ahead of the cave, on the beach.

Before heading through the cave, make sure that you have a torch or lantern to hand as it's rather dark in here. It's also full of Demi-Human's who'll scream to alert others that you're here, so you'll want to kill them quickly.

Soon enough, you can go straight ahead or left. You can go left to head straight to the boss room, or you can take the slightly longer route on the left and clear out some more Demi-Humans first.

There's plenty of Cave Moss and a Land Octopus Ovary to acquire, but aside from that, that's all there is in terms of loot in Coastal Cave. That is, until you beat the Demi-Human Chiefs.

How to Beat the Demi Human Chiefs in Coastal Cave

During this fight, you'll be taking on two bosses at one time. The Demi-Human Chiefs are simply larger versions of the Demi-Humans you've just been fending off, and this shouldn't be too much of a tricky fight is you use Spirit Ashes.

Spirit Ashes can make or break a fight like this, especially if you're struggling, as the summon can take the attention of one boss, granting you time to defeat the other boss first. If you'd rather take on one Demi-Human Chief at a time, head over to Stormfoot Catacombs and collect the Wandering Noble Spirit Ashes and Noble Sorcerer Ashes. You've now got choice between these, or the Lone Wolf Ashes from the beginning of the game.

For this particular fight, there's strength in numbers. So, you'll want to use the Lone Wolf or Wandering Noble Ashes for the biggest distraction.

Provided you're able to keep one of the Demi-Human Chiefs distracted at a time, this fight isn't too challening. The Demi-Humans are both easily staggered, and there's plenty of opportunities to attack.

For example, you can attack these bosses as they scream loudly (you'll certainly want to attack them when they do this, anyways) just before a string of attacks. Additionally, whenever they do their overhead jumping attack, their recovery time is quite lengthy, making this one of the most opportune moments for you to land a combo on them.

You'll also have to watch out for Demi Humans appearing seemingly out of nowhere. There isn't just the two Chiefs you need to worry about, but their minions, too. Whenever one appears, clear them out as quickly as possible so that you can return to focusing on felling both bosses.

With the Demi-Human Chiefs felled, they'll drop Tailoring Tools and a Sewing Needle, and the passage to the Cathedral of Dragon Communion is now accessible.

How to get to Cathedral of Dragon Communion

From the boss room where you will have defeated the Demi-Human Chiefs, there is now another tunnel for you to go down. There will be more Demi-Humans to clear, but once you're on the other side of the tunnel, you'll find yourself at the Cathedral of Dragon Communion.

Here, you can exchange dragon hearts (from slaying dragons) for various incantations. There's also a turtle just hanging out on his own behind the Cathedral, too, if you want to rest and recuperate with a friend for a few moments.

That's all there is to Elden Ring's Coastal Cave, and for some better loot, we recommend trying out Black Knife Catacombs and Sellia Crystal Tunnels. If you need some help in the meantime, check out our Elden Ring walkthrough!

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