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Much like Elden Ring, Armored Core 6 is getting its own seamless co-op mod

You'll just have to wait a bit to try the mod out for yourself.

Armored Core 6 might have competitive multiplayer, but it doesn't have any kind of co-op - well, not right now, but an upcoming mod is looking to fix that.

Last year, modder LukeYui gave us the Elden Ring seamless co-op mod, so that you can play the game with your friends without having to fiddle about with FromSoftware's slightly archaic online functionality. Now, LukeYui is back, this time with a co-op mod for Armored Core 6. The mod is quite ready just yet, but a work in progress video (which you can check out below) has been released which shows it off in action. As LukeYui notes in the description, it is a work in progress, but honestly if I hadn't played the game I would believe that the co-op is built into the game.

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Considering how fast paced and frantic Armored Core 6 can sometimes be, it doesn't look like there's any kind of stuttering, with both players flying around without any problems. One thing that LukeYui also pointed out in the description is that "enemy scaling is not present in this build but it will be on release. The host will be able to adjust the difficulty per additional player. All missions are playable in co-op and your party persists between missions meaning you don't have to keep reconnecting. The host chooses the mission."

It sounds like a great alternative way to play the main game, and a good opportunity to revisit it if you've been looking for an excuse to. There's no word from LukeYui as to when we can expect the mod to release, but if you keep an eye out on their Nexus Mods profile it's sure to pop up there soon enough.

Armored Core 6 was released back in August, and our review gave the game 3/5 stars, saying the game "is the essence of a soft reboot. It has the unenviable task of drawing newcomers to a niche, sometimes overly challenging series without changing too much of what made fans like it to begin with. The result is a mixed experience that, while it has some shining moments of brilliance, feels a bit loose and never plays to its strengths."

Since then, FromSoftware has started looking for more staff, as it's apparently gearing up for "multiple new projects."

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