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Armored Core 6 mod is basically easy mode

If you're intimidated by how frantic and challenging Armored Core 6 is, you can make it much more approachable.

Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon has been out long enough now that some of the more inventive mods are starting to appear. As it's often the case with FromSoftware games, the initial batch of mods typically focus on difficulty.

Fires of Rubicon is an altogether different game from the studio's usual output, but it nonetheless shares a few elements key to its games. While the combat in AC6 requires certain levels of reflexes, there are other mechanics around it that can make things frustrating for new players.

For instance, when building ACs, you need to take into account the energy load, and weight of each piece. In other worlds, there's a balancing hand working behind the scenes to prevent you from devising any abomination you could think of.

Armored Core 6 is also a game where ammo matters, and the damage dealt to your AC during missions can make it difficult to fund future missions, as most of your expenses will be going to repairs and replenishing ammo.

These are the core mechanics the aptly named EZ-Core mod wants to change. The mod, available to download on Nexus Mods, is created by Vawser.

On top of making energy/weight limits more forgiving, increasing the currency earned upon mission completion, and the upping the total ammo limit by 300%, the mod also makes more granular tweaks to how the game plays.

For instance, it increases both the ideal, as well as effective range of weapons - by 300%. This increases effectiveness at range, and reduces instances of ricochet. The mod comes in different variants, too, one offers a wider camera, while the other reduces the cost of boosting.

As the mod's description states, you should not go online with EZ-Core installed (or any mod, really). FromSoftware's games don't like unknown files in their directories, and you could be banned if the file checker sees the mod as a form of cheating.

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