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Even the tiniest Armored Core 6 enemy dwarfs Elden Ring's Tarnished

Yup, the toughest terror in the Lands Between is definitely a short king or queen.

A mech in Armored Core 6.
Image credit: VG247/FromSoftware

It goes without saying that most of the hulking mechs and killer bots you battle in Armored Core 6 are pretty large lads, but if you’ve ever wondered exactly how their heights compare to Elden Ring’s protagonist, a new video offers the answer.

Yup, the same iconic FromSoft community member who went to the trouble of modding a single mech into Elden Ring earlier this year just to try and get an idea of how it stacks up size-wise in comparison to bosses like Radahn is back at it again. However, this time they’ve taken on a bit of a larger task, having taken advantage of the fact the games use the same core engine to add almost every enemy from AC6 into Elden Ring’s world.

Zullie the Witch’s latest project is designed to cater to fans who’ve been kept up at night by size-based quandaries concerning the two games. “I've been asked by many viewers to show the size of various different Armored Core models compared to the Tarnished, so here's a video with pretty much the full enemy roster imported into Elden Ring,” the modder explains.

It’s pretty cool to see just how titchy the Tarnished looks next to even the most basic of MTs, which Zullie has worked out stand at about 10.5 meters in height, making them a hair taller than the average Armored Core.

Most of the game’s various other MTs are just a tad more lofty than that mark, with the Tarnished providing an interesting snapshot of how regular humans would look climbing the stairs featured on the bodies of mechs like RaD’s “construction equipment spider”.

As the video goes on, Zullie perches their little character next to or atop everything from AC6’s regular military vehicles - which definitely look to suit having a Tarnished-sized pilot - to ridiculously huge foes like the tutorial boss helicopter and a PCA warship.

There’s also the infamous Balteus, which Zullie notes looks to be around the right size to accommodate a pilot despite it being controlled by AI in the game, and AC6’s sole bit of organic wildlife, a coral-devouring mealworm.

If you’re itching for an excuse to fire your mech back up you’ll probably be glad to learn that the modder behind Elden Ring’s seamless co-op mod is currently working on one for Armored Core 6.

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