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EA has economic incentive to delay GTA IV, says Pachter

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EA has good reason to delay GTA IV if it takes over Take-Two, Wedbush Morgan's Michael Pachter has said in the latest episode of GTTV's Bonus Round.

"I think it'll be done and will be street ready but I think that if EA takes over Take-Two they have an economic incentive to delay it," said the analyst. "If the Housers think that there's 2 percent more improvement they can make with an extra few months, why not?"

He added: "Take-Two financially has to get that game out... They're going to be pretty much tapped out on their credit line and their cash position, so they need the money. They need to get it out."

Pachter went on to say that Take-Two also has contractual obligations to Microsoft to ship the title on time.

The GTA news will never, ever stop. If EA delays it, it'll be the biggest news since VE Day. Barring some kind of EA-based horror, GTA IV ships on April 29.

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