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EA denies it planned to buy LucasArts from Disney at one point

A report on Kotaku, which contains another video of the canned Battlefront 3, states that at one point, EA was considering a LucasArts buyout. However, labels president Frank Gibeau has said that is not the case.

According to the source speaking with the site, EA had its eye on LucasArts until issues with SimCity's launch occurred and CEO John Riccitiello announced his resignation.

"The entire game industry is in transition as we build more efficient organizations to deliver games on popular new platforms like mobile and consoles," said Frank Gibeau. "EA is not currently considering any major acquisitions."

Now, the Battlefront 3 video the site has up, doesn't have any sound, but you can get a look at what might have been had the troubled project finally hit shelves.

Disney announced the closure of LucasArts earlier this month, and said it plans on licensing out its Star Wars IP to other game developers.

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