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Star Wars: Battlefront 3 LucasArts footage emerges

Star Wars: Battlefront 3 was said to be coming next from LucasArts after digital shooter Star War: First Assault tested the waters. Both games have now been canned, but gameplay footage of the new Battlefront 3 has emerged in the wild.

Kotaku has the clip watermarked here so I won't embed it, but go check it out. It's interesting.

Star Wars: First Assault was rumoured to have been something of a focus test for Battlefront 3-proper. The first-person shooter was in the works for digital formats and - based on the reaction from fans - a second version would have been released with vehicles. This version would eventually become Battlefront 3.

The footage of version two shows players fighting over Tatooine in tanks, on foot and you know what? It actually looks good. Could this be a mistake on Disney's part?

Watch the video and discuss with us below.

Thanks again Kotaku.

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