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Dying Light Hard Mode coming soon - for free

Dying Light will be supported by DLC, but TechLand will also implement a hard mode and a collection of skins at no cost to the player.


The Dying Light Twitter announced the free content, saying it is the first of many such additions, but didn't give a release date.

According to Gamespot, in hard mode nighttime scenarios will be more difficult; resources will be more scarce; stealth will be required; and enemies will be "more vicious". That last one sounds similar to the recent aggressive zombies Dying Light mod.

"We're going to give our community a new challenge that will put everything they learnt in the game to the test. Hard Mode is exactly that," producer Tymon Smektala.

"We're aiming to have it out around the start of March, if not sooner. Depends on how brutal we wanna make this on people."

Hard mode will drop in Dying Light's first free expansion, which also includes various skins and unspecified improvements to gameplay. It's coming to PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

As well as free updates, Techland has outlined the DLC included in Dying Light's season pass.

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