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Dragon Ball: The Breakers gets an open beta this week, adds in best characters Farmer and Majin Buu

The open beta won't have all characters to choose from though.

Dragon Ball: The Breakers is getting an open beta this week, and those with green and pink thumbs will be happy to hear about the addition of Farmer and Majin Buu.

While he's not the most memorable character in the world, Farmer did appear in a number of the various arcs in Dragon Ball Z, and now Bandai Namco has announced that you'll be able to play as him in the upcoming Dead by Daylight-like Dragon Ball: The Breakers. Most notably, he has a shotgun, but it probably isn't all that useful.

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Villains wise, considering he's on the boxart, we generally already knew that Majin Buu was going to be in the game, but the pink blob has been officially confirmed to be coming to the game, with all three of his forms to evolve through. Disgustingly, it looks like that if you do get swallowed up by the Super Buu you can run around his guts, and will possibly have a chance to escape.

Bandai Namco also announced that an open beta test for the game would be held starting this week, starting September 21, running until September 25. You'll be able to try the game out on all platforms it's available on apart from, so that's PS4, Xbox One, Series X and S, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam. While the PS5 version isn't specifically listed, you can play it on the console via the PS4 version of the beta test.

Raiders wise, you'll only be able to play as Frieze or Cell, so no Majin Buu just yet, and survivor wise the Oolong and Bulma skins will be available to choose from.

If you own Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 will also be able to receive in-game rewards based on your achievements as a raider or survivor in The Breakers, and you can also get some in-game rewards in The Breakers based on your achievements in Xenoverse 2.

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