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Need another way to play Doom? How about a lawn mower?

Add that to the ever-growing pile of weird ways to play the classic shooter.

A lawn more is sat on a fake grassbed in front of three screens showing Doom.
Image credit: Huqsvarna

In the eternal quest to put Doom on literally everything ever, it is now possible to play Doom on a… lawn more?

There are truly a lot of ridiculous ways you can play Doom. Classics include things like fridges and calculators, but there are more obscure ways like the note taking app Notepad, a Lego brick, and possibly worst of all, given the current state of the social media website, Twitter. But, as revealed by electric gardening tools manufacturer Husqvarna earlier this week, there's a new weird way to play Doom on the way, and it's through the company's Automower Nera line of lawn mowers. "Get ready to rip, shear, mow and tear as DOOM is back!" reads the description of the lawn mower's update trailer.

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"This April, we’re making the legendary game playable on our robotic mowers as a tribute to 30 years of mowing down demons. The update is available for the Husqvarna Automower Nera product range." According to Husqvarna's website, "the decision to release the game to product owners follows the amazing response DOOM x Husqvarna robotic lawnmowers had at the gaming event DreamHack Winter 2023." It's important to note though that this is only a temporary thing, as the update will only be available from April 9 to September 9. So if you're one of the presumably small number of people that owns one of these lawn mowers and would actually want to play Doom on it, make sure you do so as soon as the update's out.

If you were wondering how you even play the game on a lawn more, the site explains that "players navigate the game by using the robotic lawnmower’s control knob to turn left and right. Pressing the start button will make you run forward. To fire, players press the control knob." Meaning, no, the Automower won't mow your lawn to look like a doom level that you then play, you just play it on a regular screen. Hey, it's something! In the meantime, we'll just have to wait for the latest weird way to play Doom.

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