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Doom Eternal's Invasion Mode is being replaced by a Horde Mode

id Software has announced it has scrapped plans for Doom Eternal's Invasion Mode, and will instead offer Horde Mode in its stead.

The studio had planned to release a free Invasion Mode for Doom Eternal, but due to the consequences of the pandemic and remote working, development was impacted.

According to id, it has also seen how much players enjoy the range of gameplay and combat available in The Ancient Gods expansions and master levels, so it has decided to bring players a different mode instead: Horde Mode.

It is a new, single-player experience that the studio feels will offer more of "the diversity and challenge" players have been looking for in the game.

In addition, the team is continuing work on a refresh of Battlemode, which includes a more competitive, rank-based structure, a number of gameplay and balance updates, and another new map.

More information will be shared during QuakeCon in August.

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