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Diablo 4's anniversary celebration brings free cosmetics, more Treasure Goblins than you may have seen before

A very special celebration of Diablo 4's first anniversary is kicking off next week, with rewards to help you level up faster and show off.

Image credit: Blizzard Entertainment.

We’re coming up on one year since Diablo 4 was released - how time flies! The 12-month period has been fairly tumultuous for Blizzard's action RPG, with highs, very bizarre lows and unforced errors, but we like to think things have settled now.

The most recent update, Season 4 Loot Reborn, has been keeping players busy, and many have proclaimed it to be the game’s best season, yet - even if it’s really not much of a season at all when it comes to new content. But, the mechanical and systemic changes it brought have transformed the game.

Blizzard clearly wants to keep this train rolling, and it's going to use the game’s first birthday celebration to do that.

Diablo 4 is hosting its first anniversary celebration, dubbed March of the Goblins. The event takes place over two parts, triggering in-game bonuses and offering players some freebies from the game’s overpriced cosmetics shop.

The event officially kicks off Thursday, June 6. The free shop gifts will be available daily from June 6 to June 12, but you have until June 20 to claim them all, if you missed any. In-game, you can look forward to it kicking off on the same day, and it’s going to be active until June 13.

As the name might suggest, March of the Goblins brings a big increase to the number (and instances) of Treasure Goblins in Diablo 4. Not only are you going to run into the slippery buggers more often, they’re going to drop even more loot. In fact, if you’re lucky, you might get a Greater Treasure Bag, which includes items at the game’s maximum power level of 925.

Even more interesting interesting is that Treasure Goblins have a chance to appear in pairs, or even in packs - something that can happen today in Diablo 4, just very rarely. To further fuel this lust for loot, greed shrines will show up more often, to satiate your Gold acquisition desires.

One per day? | Image credit: Blizzard Entertainment.

The second part of March of the Goblins brings us a very special Anniversary Edition of Diablo 4’s Mother’s Blessing event, which is essentially the game’s version of double XP. It’s not quite double, in this case, however, but you will be earning 25% bonus XP, and 50% bonus Gold (both multiplicative).

If you played Diablo 4 during any of the previous Mother’s Blessings events, you’ll know that those bonuses also stack with Elixirs, as well as the Season’s Urn of Aggression (if you have it active). Mother’s Blessings: Anniversary Edition will run for ten days in total, and will be available across both Seasonal and Eternal Realms, and all World Tiers.

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