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Destiny's Sterling Treasure: how to get it and what it contains

Destiny's Sterling Treasure boxes are your only route to Chroma and those lovely new armour sets. Here's how to get them.


Sterling Treasure: all about the new Destiny consumable

Destiny's April Update brought with it a new consumable item: Sterling Treasure.

These boxes are obtainable for free every week or can be bought for real money in the Tower. They contain armour and Chroma.

How to get Sterling Treasure

You can get three Sterling Treasures every week via the following methods:

  • Visiting the Postmaster. This didn't work quite as it should in the week after the April Update was deployed, but now you can visit the Postmaster in the Tower or Vestian Outpost once after the weekly reset every Tuesday and pick up a Sterling Treasure for free.
  • Completing a level 41 Prison of Elders run. You'll get a Sterling Treasure drop from doing a level 41 Prison of Elder run every week. The upper level Prison activities are now split into two, level 41 and level 42, the higher of which is called Challenge of the Elders. The level 41 version is a normal Prison run, the main point of which is to win a Sterling Treasure.
  • Complete a Crucible playlist match. Just complete one of the daily Crucible playlist matches and you'll get a Sterling Treasure drop.

That's your three per week, and you should note that these drops are account-wide. You only get them once, so there's no farming with each of your characters. After that, the only way to get Sterling Treasure is by spending real money with Eververse in the Tower. They cost 200 Silver a pop, so you'd have to really want one to go via this route.

What does Sterling Treasure contain?

Sterling Treasure contains Chroma, shaders to colour certain pieces of armour and weapons, and random armour items.

The armour contained in the boxes is Spektar and Desolate armour, the new sets introduced by the April Update. This is the only way of getting these sets at the moment. The Spektar armour is specifically designed with Chroma in mind, as you can see in the shot below.

The Desolate armour is the Taken-themed set. These pieces drop at Light level 3, so you'll need to infuse them with a higher level piece of kit to make them relevant.

destiny_prison_of_elders_taken_3rd_03 (43)

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