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Destiny weekly reset for February 7 – Nightfall, Crucible, raid challenge changes detailed

We've arrived at another weekly Destiny reset.

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This week's server reset in Destiny is here, with the usual assortment of changes. Your weekly Nightfall strike will be different, the Prison of Elders modifiers and bosses will be reshuffled, you'll be going up against a new raid challenge, and more.

Find out what's in store this week below:

Weekly Nightfall

Dust Palace returns as this week's Nightfall, with Void Burn, and modifiers Berserk, Ironclad, and Catapult.

Berserk prevents enemies from flinching, even after massive damage. Ironclad increases the number of shielded enemies. Catapult greatly increases your grenade recharge rate.

Heroic playlist modifiers

Solar Burn, Berserk, Brawler.

Crucible playlists

Zone Control, Mayhem Rumble.

Wrath of the Machine raid challenge

Your boy Vosik will torment you this week with his raid challenge. But you make thing easier on yourself by following our guide. Be sure to bookmark the page, too.

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