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Destiny: Trials of Osiris cheaters getting banned

Last week's Trials of Osiris event wasn't without its share of cheaters, Bungie has tracked them down and delivered justice.


The incredibly competitive nature of the Trials of Osiris PvP event meant that a small portion of participants did not earn their victories.

Bungie's latest weekly update noted that cheaters were given either temporary or permanent bans, depending on the offence.

In addition, players who received the Olive error message will be happy to know that it has been fixed.

Elsewhere in update, Bungie showed a heatmap of the Trials of Osiris arena. It highlights the locations where players liked to lurk, and where the most intense firefights took place.


Bungie also revealed that over 3.7 million matches were played in the event's first outing. Nearly 300,000 players earned a perfect scorecard, and exactly 188,442 players managed to arrive at the secret exclusive hub.

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