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Destiny: Rise of Iron's Hard Mode raid unlocks later this month, raid challenge mode inbound

Wrath of the Machine Hard Mode arrives in Rise of Iron sooner rather than later. Will you be ready?

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Destiny: Rise of Iron players have already well and truly conquered the Wrath of the Machine raid, squirrelling out its many secrets including the Outbreak Prime Exotic quest.

Now, of course, they're looking for more - and Destiny: Rise of Iron will deliver. According to a teaser image in the latest Bungie Weekly Update, Wrath of the Machine Hard Mode launches October 18, 2016.

October 18 is a Tuesday, which is when Destiny resets, so you'll almost certainly be able to select Hard Mode for Wrath of the Machine from the Destiny: Rise of Iron navigator straight after reset at 2:00am PT.

You'll definitely want to be at or very close to Destiny: Rise of Iron's 385 cap (or perhaps even beyond it; Bungie hasn't enforced it particularly strongly) before you head into Wrath of the Machine Hard Mode. The good news is the higher difficulty version will drop gear of up to 400 Light.

Bungie also gave an update on the Destiny: Rise of Iron calendar. Hard Mode is the next major event, but raid challenges will follow after that.

"Outside the path of the Siege Engine, you’ll also partake in festivals and races," Bungie said, which suggests Festival of the Lost and Sparrow Racing League are on the way. We expect Festival of the Lost at the end of October and Sparrow Racing League over the holiday break.

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