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Destiny: Rise of Iron - DeeJ on becoming an Iron Lord, forging a "meaningful" Gjallarhorn

During E3 2016 this week, Arekkz had a chance to sit and chat with Bungie community manager DeeJ to talk all things Destiny: Rise of Iron.

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Destiny: Rise of Iron - DeeJ talks becoming an Iron Lord, forging a "meaningful" Gjallarhorn

Here are some of the main talking points from the video:

The new social space and the Reclaim event: The first step to be coming an Iron Lord, is to ascend the outpost atop Felwinter Peak. Players will need to reclaim the social space, unlike the amiable Tower with Ghost flitting about and vendors wanting to sell them items. At Felwinter Peak, the first time players step into the outpost, they will fall under attack.

As the next generation of would-be Iron Lords, the player will go to the outpost, a monument to those who have gone before, to take out the enemies, relight the torches and restore honor to the noble traditions of the Iron Lords. This will then be the jumping off point to all the adventures which send players into the Plaguelands.

Once it has the outpost has been taken back from the Fallen Devils, it will forever be in the hands of the Guardians.

Becoming an Iron Lord: This is the new player fantasy. The new way players can express their power and evolve their Guardian. There will be new ways to manifest such power in the way Guardians will fight. New equips will change the combat sandbox, there will be new perks, and different ways to counter other Guardians.

The Iron Gjallarhorn So, what's the difference between the Iron Gjallarhorn and the traditional White and Gold one players are used to? Just the paint job. So if you want Black and Silver, just pre-order. The good thing is that players will be able to acquire one much easier this time out, with no guess work. Or instead of waiting on the weapon to drop in a Crucible match, for instance.

Bungie felt something as iconic as the Gjallarhorn deserved its own "meaningful" quest. Now, players will be able to forge it themselves by acquiring the components needed.

The Raid: There are a few other things discussed in the interview, but with less concrete answers as there's a fair amount of stuff Bungie isn't talking about just yet. One of the main things the studio is keeping close to its chest is the new Raid, which DeeJ said, like most raids, will be "the most challenging activity in Rise of Iron.

Unlike Year One, the Raid in the expansion won't be the only way for players to reach their full potential, especially since there are players in the community which skip Raids. But this one promises to have many puzzles for the Fireteam to solve, items to find, and a big boss to take down.

Last-gen Legacy Guardians on PS3 and Xbox 360: According to DeeJ, at this point in Destiny, the game has been reiterated so much, and there are so many places to go and stories to tell. In order to add more content to last-gen consoles, Bungie would have to start "taking things away" from the experience on those platforms.

Bungie’s Eric “Urk” Osborne told VG247 as much last week in an interview when he said: “In order to add new content at this time, and especially on the scale and scope of Rise of Iron, we would have to take away from those older consoles, you would have to lose something,” Osborne said.

“We still wanna make sure that people playing on legacy consoles still have all the content that they paid for to-date.”

DeeJ told Arekkz that Bungie wants to leave Destiny the way it is - fully intact - on legacy consoles and bring the new stories and content to current-gen. He once again reiterates a comment made by Osborne, who said 90% of Destiny players were on PS4 and Xbox One anyway.

More information on what players will have access to, player progression, and how the two console generations will diverge will be provided to players close to Rise of Iron's release.

Destiny: Rise of Iron, was revealed in a new trailer last week, and it includes a new story campaign, enemy faction, a new strike, raid, and plenty of new guns and armor.

Destiny: Rise of Iron launches September 20 for PS4 and Xbox One.

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