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Destiny mobile game may be in development, per new report

According to a source who spoke to The Game Post, Bungie and Netease might be cooking up a Destiny game for phones.

Have you ever been playing Destiny 2 and thought “gee whiz, my Trails of Osiris runs are going hella bad, I wish I could do them while walking to the shops”? Bizarrely, we may be inching towards the world you want. That is, if reports of a Destiny mobile game from The Game Post are to be believed.

According to an anonymous source who relayed information to the site, both Bungie and NetEase are working on a new Destiny title – one that is not related to Destiny 2 in any capacity. This, paired with the linkedIn profile of an artist working at NetEase Games which stated they are working on an “unannounced FPS mobile game” with both Bungie and NetEase, points to the existence of a Destiny mobile title being a real thing in the works.

If you want a peak on what Bungie have been working on recently, check out this trailer for the latest Destiny 2 season!

The Game Post has been keeping their eyes on Bungie’s upcoming projects for some time now, breaking the news that Bungie’s next IP would be an RPG featuring loot, necromancy, and Dungeons – all from a job listing for an unannounced title back in 2020. Just a year later, the site picked up the first hints – again through job listings – that Bungie may be working on a mobile Destiny title with NetEase.

This all points to an exciting future in regards to Bungie and their upcoming projects. Not only were they recently acquired by Sony earlier this year - but speculation regarding a yet-to-be-announced Project Matter have had people scratching their heads since it was trademarked in 2018.

The company also released a press release back in 2021 stating they wanted to get their next big project out by 2025 – meaning we shouldn’t have to wait too long before the fruits of all these job listings and behind the scenes works goes public.

Are you excited to see what Bungie and NetEase are working on? Or, alternatively, is there something else you’re keen to see from the developer? Let us know below!

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