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Decision to delay BioShock 2 was "impressive," says dev boss


The call to push BioShock 2 back from November 2009 to February 2010 for quality reasons was one that cost 2K "millions of dollars" and was all the more "impressive" for it, Kent Hudson, 2K Marin senior systems designer, has said in an interview.

"It's definitely a much better game than if it had released in November," Hudson told IGN.

"It wasn't ready, and it's really great that 2K supports and respects that.

"That's not an easy decision to make; that's millions of dollars to continue the project for that long, so it's really impressive."

Hudson said that the decision to push the shooter back came just after a major content milestone.

He added: "The extra time just allowed us to refine what was there, to take a step back from it and say, 'OK, does the story really make sense to people? Are there things we can do to make it even more resonant?'"

The team took the opportunity to rewrite some sequence, rerecord some lines, and add new environmental story-telling.

"The story really benefited a lot," said Hudson.

The decision to delay the title was met with categorical un-shock last year.

Sounds as though it was all worth it, though. Read Simon Parkin's play impressions while you wait for the game's February 9 release on PC, PS3 and 360.

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