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Capcom seeking patents for Dragon's Dogma character customization tech

Dragon's Dogma director Hideaki Istuno has said that Capcom is seeking to patent "revolutionary technological innovations" related to character customization technology in upcoming RPG Dragon's Dogma.

In a post on Capcom Unity, Istuno said characters can be altered dramatically, adjusting such unusual parameters as arm and leg length.

As a result, character height can be altered by as much as 70 cm, causing headaches for camera positioning in cutscenes.

Cinematics were also complicated by the need to map lip synch and expressions to customisable facial features.

Capcom also built in a system allowing for certain physical mannerisms to be implemented, with Itsuno giving three examples - masculine, feminine, or "hunched over.”

The action RPG ships in May on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

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