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Watch Capcom's E3 showcase here today

Capcom has the whole day to itself today.

Capcom's E3 2021 livestream takes place today, away from any other showcase by a major publisher. The Capcom event kicks off 2:30pm, 5:30pm ET, 10:30pm UK.

This event so far looks to be among the most predictable. Capcom previously said to expect updates on Monster Hunter Rise, Monster Hunter Stories 2, Resident Evil Village, and The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles. The livestream will be available to watch on E3's Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter pages. You'll find the Twitch player embedded below.

Considering all of those games are known quantities, we're unlikely to get any big announcements about them - unless Capcom is ready to talk Village DLC. Outside of those games, Capcom could still be sitting on some surprise reveals.

A new Dragon's Dogma has been rumoured for years, and now would be a good time for it to be officially unveiled - assuming it's coming out sometime next year. Then there's the mysterious Pragmata, which isn't out until 2023.

Street Fighter fans, too, are looking forward to the reveal of the last DLC character for the game, so that could arrive today.

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