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Borderlands 3 review roundup - all the scores (from 2K-approved outlets)

Borderlands 3 review roundup? Borderlands 3 review roundup.

Borderlands 3 is finally out in just a few days and 2K has sent review code to a handful of select outlets ahead of time.

When we previewed Borderlands 3, we came away impressed. It seems like the exact kind of thing fans want: dumb gags, more guns, more planets, and more tactical considerations in battle. In fact, the combat seems like a big step up for the series.

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We’ll give you our full verdict as soon as we can, which is looking like after launch when none of you will care. So we might not even bother and might just pump out some guides instead. Good? Good.

If you’re wondering when you can play it, we have all the Borderlands 3 pre-load details and unlock times at that link.

Read on below for our round-up of Borderlands 3 reviews:

Borderlands 3 is released on September 13 for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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