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Blizzard gives away Overwatch 2 Reaper skin and double XP weekends to make good for launch issues

I don’t know about you, but Blizzard will not be winning me over with a single Reaper skin.

It’s time for some more news about that one game we love to complain about right now, and that’s – obviously – Overwatch 2.

After a rocky launch consisting of congested servers, a controversial SMS Protect system, multiple DDoS attacks, and plenty of other bugs, Blizzard are attempting to make good by offering a digital goodybag to players.

Catch the Kiriko cinematic here, and tell me you don't want a weapon charm of their fox plushie instead.

Even then, this digital goodybag certainly falls under the mark when it comes to making reparations with players. In a recent tweet on the Overwatch account, Blizzard said that, “When #Overwatch2 launch is bumpy, you make it up to players. Besides making progress on bug fixes & stabilization, we've got goodies to share with all players.”

And what does this goodybag include? A Health Pack weapon charm, and the Cursed Captain Reaper skin. That’s it. Overwatch 2 players will also be privy to 2x Match XP weekends, but is this really Blizzard’s idea of saying sorry to its players?

Overwatch 2 players had to deal with queues of up to 40,000 players at launch, alongside server disconnects. Some players were left unable to access the game due to using VOIP or prepaid phones, and some of those who could get into games found the majority of their characters still locked.

For the lucky few that managed to get into games without being affected by any of these issues too badly, would then have to deal with the likes of a busted Bastion ultimate, or broken Tord kit; both heroes have since been temporarily removed from the game.

I’m not saying that Overwatch 2 players are entitled to more of an apology from Blizzard than a weapon charm and cosmetic for one hero (we could've at least been given a Mercy skin, c'mon), but it’s probably the least Blizzard could do. Double XP weekends will be fun and all, but given how terrible in-game progression currently is (you currently would need to spend 260 weeks playing, or £130, to have all of Kiriko’s cosmetics), I don’t see this making all that much of a difference.

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