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BFBC2 to have additional content available at launch


DICE's Patrick Bach has revealed that Battlefield: Bad Company 2 will have day-one content available through an in-game store at launch.

Containing both free and fee-based content, the DLC  is aimed at providing a lengthy "post-launch campaign" for the game.

"We see the game as the first step to a longer experience," the senior producer told WorthPlaying. "We have an in-game store where you get free content or you can buy new content to the game, so it's a very integral part of the game that we will have a long post-launch campaign.

"I think people will be thrilled to see what's in that already. On day one, you will get some really cool stuff."

Bach also revealed that due to the successful launch of Battlefield 1943 on Xbox Live Arcade, older PC properties were something DICE got a "good taste from" and as far as releasing more in the future - you "never know" what will happen.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is set for release in March on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

There's a console demo out there to be had if you wanna try your hand.

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