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Baldur's Gate 3 trailer reveals Larian's bleak vision of the Forgotten Realms

Larian Studios has revealed its rumoured Baldur's Gate 3, the first mainline entry in the series since Bioware left it in 2001.

The game will feature current D&D mechanics and spells, and offer "unparalleled" player freedom, continuing the Baldur's Gate tradition for major decision-making and unique companions. That's certainly the word for Minsc: unique.

Baldur's Gate 3 will be playable in solo or co-op, and its teaser trailer shows a malevolent presence returning to the titular city, threatening to spill out into the Forgotten Realms.

"It's a great responsibility," Larian creative director Swen Vincke says, "but I think we're ready for it. We're all about creating reactive, systemic worlds that respect player agency and having a chance to apply our team's skillset in a universe as rich as Dungeons & Dragons is a lot of fun."

In an introductory video during Google Stadia's pre-E3 conference, Vincke said he'd pursued Wizards of the Coast to make a new Baldur's Gate for many years - but was only successful after the success of Divinity: Original Sin.

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Vincke promised "very, very high" production values for the RPG: "It's shaping up to be a beautiful game." And since it'll appear on Google Stadia, it should run on the crummiest laptop thanks to streaming.

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