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BG3 Where to find Minsc of Rashemen and aid the Underduke

To aid the Underduke in Baldur's Gate 3, you first need to find the legendary Minsc of Rashemen behing the sluice gate!

The legendary hero, Minsc of Rashemen, in Baldur's Gate 3.
Image credit: Larian/VG247

After teaming up with the legendary Harper, Jaheira, in Baldur's Gate 3, she confides in you that her friend, the equally legendary Minsc of Rashemen is missing.

But as you search the city, a difficult truth becomes clear: Minsc has not only been taken by the Cult of the Absolute, but has likely been swayed into joining their ranks.

What’s more, the mysterious Stone Lord has set up shop in Baldur’s Gate, competing to overthrow the Thieves' Guild and disrupt the delicate balance of power within the city.

But how is the Stone Lord connected to Minsc of Rashemen? Here’s where to find Minsc and aid the Underduke in defeating the Stone Lord.

Where to find Misc of Rashemen

First on your quest to find Minsc and aid the Underduke, you need to parley with the Underduke themself. Remember to bring Jaheira along with you in your party. Since it’s her quest, she’s a required character to advance the story.

In the Lower City area of Baldur’s Gate, head over to the Heapside Strand in the southeast and find the dead-end alleyway guarded by Tusgrond.

Here, you can negotiate a way into the Thieves’ Guild HQ, fight your way inside by stealing the key, or waltz right in if you managed to score an introduction by helping the Guild secure a shipment from a Stone Lord ambush on the coast near Rivington.

Whatever way you get inside, explore the Undercellar, browsing the stores and speaking to the residents, including the entrepreneurial Tiefling cutpurse, Mol.

At the back of the Undercellar, enter the Underduke’s office and talk to Nine-Fingers Keene. Her and Jaheira have some history, and they exchange some choice words before you get your next lead on Minsc’s location: the Counting House bank nearby.

Following the events of that quest, your objective turns to the sewers beneath the city.

Where to find Minsc in the Sewers

There are multiple ways to get down into the sewers in the Lower City. You can take the simple manhole next to the Basilisk Gate barracks, the hatch at the end of the Emperor’s old hideout, or the greasy decent in the prison area of the Flymm’s Cargo basement on your way to the Iron Throne.

A map screen showing the location of Minsc of Rashemen in Baldur's Gate 3.
Image credit: Larian/VG247

Whichever entrance you choose, to find Minsc in the sewers you need to make your way over to the western side of the area.

Cultists patrolling the sewer under the city in Baldur's Gate 3.
Image credit: Larian/VG247

Here you find a curious Kobold searching for explosive treasure, but next to that, you also find some plumbing machinery and some small gang of Bhaalists. Defeat the cultists, then approach the machinery.

How to open the Sluice Gate

To open the Sluice Gate, you need to turn the “water level” wheel and “heat” wheel until they’re both at the “perfect” level. When they’re both on the right level at the same time, the gate will open.

Turn the water level wheel first because it takes a long time to reach the correct volume.

A sluice gate barring Tav and their party from rescuing Minsc of Rashemen in Baldur's Gate 3.
Image credit: Larian/VG247

Hover over the wheel and as the temperature rises you will see it reach “perfect warmth”. You need to keep the temperature at this level while leaving the water level to rise.

After a few seconds, the temperature and water level will cross over and the sluice gate will swing open. You don’t have to worry about running through quickly, once it’s popped open it will stay that way.

On the level below the wheels, go through the long pipe and you will find a secret cultist hideout.

This is where you find Minsc, enthralled to work for the Absolute as the Stone Lord, alongside cultists and the fake Jaheira. You also find the missing gold from the bank being traded to the Zhentarim. A big fight then ensues, but one where you don’t want to kill Minsc.

If you want to reclaim the missing gold here, you need to kill the Zhentarim merchant before they escape. Otherwise you will need to go through an extra step to find and retrieve the gold later, the “hold person” spell really does the trick here.

Tav and their party fighting cultists in the city sewer to save Minsc in Baldur's Gate 3.
Image credit: Larian/VG247

To stop him doing too much damage, toggle non-lethal hits in your Passives and focus on taking down Minsc. Then you can toggle lethal damage back on (if you wish) and turn your attention to the Cultists. AoE is very good in this situation because of the large number of enemies in a confined space. Spirit Guardians for instance can help to stop multiple enemies from rushing your party too aggressively.

With them defeated and Minsc knocked out, The Emperor will resist extending your protection to the legendary ranger. Obviously that’s not going to wash with Jaheira, so protest and you’ll get your way.

Search the bodies of the shapeshifters while Minsc goes to look for his pet. You find a note on the fake Jaheira’s body which tells you how the cult has paid the Zhentarim to stage a coup against the Underduke. With that knowledge, go with Minsc through the hole he smashes in the wall.

After the conversation, Minsc will join your party/camp permanently. Speak to Jaheira and she will be grateful for your help.

Return the gold to the head banker in the vault, and you get a quarter of it as a reward, along with vault key number 9. Inside you find the Elegant Studded armor, which is a great and versatile set but also easy to have already stolen when you went through the Counting House the first time. If you’re struggling to find it, the vault is inside the large one at the opposite end of the room to the head banker, not next to the other 8.

Now, make your way back to the Undercellar and you find the Zhentarim ambush underway. They’re super weak compared to your party and the assembled guild members, so it’s an easy coup to repel.

When you’re done, speak to Nine-fingers. By way of thanks she pledges the help of the Thieves’ Guild when the time comes to take on the Absolute. So within the space of one sprawling quest you’ve gathered not just one but two powerful allies to your cause, while also saving the city’s economy from total collapse - not a bad day’s work.

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