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Baldur's Gate 3: Lae'zel approval and romance guide

The first pal you meet in BG3's prologue isn't to everyone's taste, but there are plenty of reasons to stay in this Githyanki's good books.

Lae'zel gazes intently in a close-up
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Lae'zel's approval rating is one of many systems you're going to need to keep an eye on in Baldur's Gate 3 — that is, at least, if you want to keep this skilled Githyanki fighter by your side in battle, or perhaps even get a little closer to her back at camp.

Whether you've been won over by her bravery, her hilariously blunt personality, her surprisingly vulnerable moments as an outsider in Faerûn, or you're just really into the whole lizard person aesthetic, this Lae'zel approval and romance guide is here to help you get closer to her, with some key ways to gain her favour throughout Act 1.

How to get Lae'zel's approval

Lae'zel's approval, like that of all BG3 companions, is earned every time you make a choice — in dialogue or when making decisions within the narrative — that aligns with her particular preferences. Doing the opposite of what she likes will incur her disapproval, so be sure to think before you act if you're hoping to cosy up to Lae'zel.

Lae'zel is a woman of simple tastes, so it won't take you long to figure out what she's into. Broadly put, she likes a friend slash potential partner who agrees with her on everything and gives her plenty of opportunities to unleash violence. Engaging in frequent combat at the slightest provocation and acquitting yourself ably while doing so are both good ways of winning her over, as is following her suggestions about what to do next. (It'll usually be "start a fight", by the way.) As a Githyanki fish-out-of-water in Faerun, she's also very appreciative when you show favourable sentiments towards the Gith and explain the finer points of culture she doesn't understand.

Unlike some of the game's other companions, there are no notable scenes in Act 1 where behaving a certain way towards Lae'zel and her interests can make or break her approval of you. Just remember that she's the boss and do what she'd do when prompted to act, and you'll gradually win her over in time for the big romance scene, if that's what you're going for.

When looking for potential party members to complement Lae'zel, it's worth knowing that things she approves of will generally earn you Shadowheart's disapproval, and vice versa, meaning that they don't make for fantastic teammates. Astarion is probably the most sympathetic towards Lae'zel's worldview, so he's a good one to keep around alongside her if you're trying to build rapport with multiple party members at the same time.

Lae'zel romance guide

The key romance scene in Act 1 regardless of your choice of paramour occurs during the celebrations that take place after your successful rescue of the Druid Halsin. While some of your companions are a little coy at this early stage, Lae'zel is as blunt as ever in directly asking you to have sex with her, which you can do by interacting with a bedroll in the vicinity.

Things get extremely NSFW very quickly on Lae'zel's romance route, so maybe just make sure your mum/partner/curious offspring isn't looking at the screen before you go talk to her at the party.

That's your lot for romancing Lae'zel, but there are plenty of other suitors lined up in Baldur's Gate 3. See for example our Karlach approval and romance guide for tips on how to get on the good side of another hot-tempered lady in your party.

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