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Good news, Baldur's Gate 3's latest hotfix stops Minthara from suddenly dumping your not so evil bottom

Disclaimer: Minty may still send you packing for all of the various reasons she's supposed to be able to.

Minthara in Baldur's Gate 3.
Image credit: VG247/Larian Studios

Warning: Spoilers for Baldur's Gate 3 lie ahead.

What's crack-a-lacking, fellow Baldur's Gate 3 enjoyers? A freshly released hotfix, that's what! So, what does it do? Well, it's thanfully put a stop to the sad and sudden breakups a lot of Dark Urge players had been facing when the usually wonderful Minthara found out they'd sad 'er, nah' to Bhaal.

Yep, not quite evil Minty fans, you've been saved from having your lovely romance arcs ended without warning by the kind of speech you'd only give after booking a table in a restaurant so fancy that it's far above the 'it's not you, it's me' threshold of required make-up luxury. Oh, and this fix also finally brings the last couple that've gone live without hitting Xbox to Microsoft consoles, hopefully resolving some issues with cross-saves in the process.

If you take a peek in the full set of notes for hotfix 22 - which is going live on PC, PS5, Mac, and Xbox today - the explanation as to why poor Durge players were getting instantly chucked out of their relationships if they chose to reject Bhaal and follow the path that redeems their character is right there. You'll probably find it a bit interesting.

Apparently, the root of the problem was "an issue where legacy dialogue had been enabled unintentionally as part of another line of fixes", with the bit of accidentally resurfacing patter being that little breakup spiel from Minty. The good news is it's now been sent packing again, meaning all should be well. Larian's also "made Minthara promise to stop repeating her thoughts about Gale in Act 3", so hopefully her other comments shouldn't be as prone to repeating as they have been for the past little while.

Beyond the Drow-specific stuff, the patch brings hotfixes 20 and 21 to Xbox, alongside a number of measures designed to stop the game from crashing in certain situations, such as when you put your Xbox into standby or minimise BG3 to look at something else on it.

It should also be a lot easier to tell if your game hasn't managed to cross-save properly, thanks to a UI change that's designed to clearly indicate "when a cross-save sync has failed" and poresent you with the option to try to have it perform the process again right away.

Finally, "a rare issue where dialogues would end suddenly when you went to kiss your romantic partner" is no longer a thing, so feel free to go in for a peck whenever without fearing that you'll miss out on Lae'zel saying something unhinged or Gale saying something quite funny using 1000 more words than neccessary (I certainly can't relate to the latter).

Before you go kissing your way around camp, make sure to check out our array of Baldur's Gate 3 guides, which can help you do things like make big decisions, solve murders, and find a clown without just looking in the mirror.

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