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Assassin’s Creed 4 guide – sequence 2 walkthrough (Havana)

A complete walkthrough of Assassin's Creed 4 Black Flag's second sequence.

Sequence 02 (Havana)

Memory 01: Lively Havana

Optional Objectives

  • Tackle the pickpocket
  • Use smoke bombs to escape combat

Follow Stede Bonnet. He gives you enough money to purchase a pair of British Cutlasses at the shop. Head to the church and walk around the building until you see the gate. Use the gate to climb up to the roof and look out over to the city. Not only do you get a great view of the city, you also fulfill the current objective.

Dive down into the hay then chase down the pickpocket. Kill him and loot the body, then meet up with Bonnet again. Follow him, then take down the thugs with a bit of sword play. This is a good time to practice countering attacks, as that ability will come in handy when fighting multiple enemies.

When the guards arrive, drop a smoke bomb and head for the nearest blue point on the map. These indicate places you can hide, but you can only successfully hide if the guards don't see you. If you're not fast enough, drop another smoke bomb and try again.

Memory 02: And My Sugar?

Optional Objectives

  • Hire dancers to distract guards
  • Stay out of combat

Head back toward the ship to find Bonnet and begin the next mission. Tail the two guards, keeping them in your sight, but not getting too close to get detected. Eavesdrop on their conversation, then tail the Captain. When the Captain moves into the fortified building, hire the dancing girls to distract the guards. If you don't have enough money, steal from a few nearby people until you have enough.

You can climb to the top of the building and attack the Captain from above, or you can walk right past the guards while they're distracted, then take the key from the Captain after a bit of sword play. If you're not stealthy enough, you may have to fight the guards and the Captain.

Make your way to the fort, swim around to the far side and climb up to the room. Take out the guards and enter the door to the fort lockup for another cut scene. Meet up with Bonnet again to complete the mission.

Memory 03: Mister Walpole, I Presume?

Optional Objectives

  • Complete Rogers' shooting challenge
  • Pickpocket all Templars

Head south to the governor's mansion to begin the mission. This is a short mission that's more of a training simulation than anything else, so don't worry too much here. Walk over to the terrace to initiate a cut scene. Shoot the targets then follow the hosts. Perform the various assassinations on the hay dummies, then follow the hosts once more. Keep your hands busy by pickpocketing all three Templars to complete the mission and the optional objective.

Memory 04: A Man They Call The Sage

Optional Objectives

  • Tackle the Safe from above
  • Use the pistol in combat

Head to the docks to begin the mission, then follow the Templars. When the assassins attack, stay close to the governor. While it's great fun to go buck wild and take down every enemy in sight, you do not need to defeat all of the assassins. You only need to ensure the safety of the governor, so when he moves, move with him, even if there are still assassins left to kill. Don't worry, there will be plenty of bad guys to kill later on.

Once you've protected the governor enough, you must catch the Sage. Follow him to the rooftops and tackle him once you're close. Do not kill him or you will fail the mission. Catch the Sage to complete the mission, but do so from the top of a building to complete the optional objective as well. If you chase by way of the rooftops, about halfway through the chase, the Sage will drop down to the ground. That's your best chance to obtain the optional objective.

Memory 05: Claiming What's Due

Optional Objectives

  • Stay out of combat
  • Kill guards from stalking zones (3)

Speak with Bonnet to begin the next mission. It's time to play Metal Gear Solid again! Sneak into the mansion, taking out the guards while stealthily hiding in the brush. Climb up the small building on the left and run along the ropes between the trees until you can drop down into the brush once more. Move to the far edge of the brush and whistle to get the attention of the guard with the key. Steal the key or be a little more friendly and assassinate the guard, then loot him for the key.

Continue to stealthily move toward where the Sage is being held captive. Watch out for the guards and engage them in combat if need be, however this will fail one of the optional objectives. If you want to achieve 100 percent, you'll need to keep that Solid Snake vibe going. Make your way to the cell to initiate another cut scene and complete the mission.

Memory 06: The Treasure Fleet

Optional Objectives

  • Free 23 pirates
  • Kill guards from behind corners (3)

Escape your shackles and take out the guards with stealth. Hide around corners and whistle to get their attention. Find your gear on the table ahead. Interact with the table to continue. Head up to the deck, take out the guards and free the prisoners. Dive into the water and swim over to the adjacent ship to kill more guards and free the prisoners there. Head to the mast of the ship and jump over to the next ship directly ahead to do the same, then swim over to the next adjacent ship. Take out the guards and interact with the latch near the end of the ship to engage the guards and free the prisoners below.

Climb up the ladder to the deck, then use the rope to swing over to the next ship. Kill the Captain then interact with his dead body to steal the ship.

Several other ships will attempt to stop you from escaping. You do not need to fight them. In fact, you're so outnumbered it's far easier to avoid the fight. Get up to full speed and head for the location marker as quickly as possible. If the other ships are in close pursuit, drop a few explosive barrels behind you and continue toward the objective.

Avoid getting anywhere near the water spouts (tornados), and steer straight into the massive waves to avoid taking damage. You can take one impact from each if your ship is at full health.

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