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Apex Legends' latest Stories from the Outlands video focuses on Bangalore and Jackson

Bangalore seems a bit upset with Jackson.

The latest Apex Legends trailer from its “Stories from the Outlands” series, which delves deeper into the lore behind the game’s cast of characters, has been released.

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This newest video stars Bangalore, who is torn between her brother and the “only cause she’s ever known.” After the Battle of Gridiron, she is faced with not only making difficult decisions, but she will also have to face hard consequences with said decisions.

Can you view the fallout from the final battle of the Frontier War in Stories from the Outlands: Gridiron now which is embedded below.

Stranded in the Outlabds, her biggest decision seems to be whether to defy IMC’s Commander Scryer, or her brother. We won't go into more detail as you will probably want to watch the video for yourself. But we will say you do find out how Bangalore acquired her cool knife.

Seaon 11 of Apex Legends kicked off a couple of months ago with its Escape update which includes the new map Storm Point, the new playable character Ash, and a new weapon in the form of the C.A.R SMG.

Escape also brought about an overhaul of the ranking system, and a new battle pass packed with new cosmetics to unlock.

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